6 Do’s and Don’ts of Destination Weddings

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Weddings are beautiful ceremonies and unforgettable days for happy couples. However, they are not without their moments of stress, especially during the weeks/months preceding the nuptials. Taking all those to-dos and flying them to your scenic locale of choice makes destination weddings seem even more daunting than ones at home. Don’t worry, and don’t let any fears stop you from making your perfect day even better with a beach getaway. We at Island Importer want your day to be as special as you and are here to help get rid of your stress. Here’s 6 Do’s and Don’ts of Destination Weddings for couples and guests alike to get your ready for the big day!

For Couples –

Do: Pick the Right Location

Your wedding day is going to be perfect. You’ve been waiting so long for this and are planning constantly for it. Make sure that your destination is as special as your wedding. There are a lot of factors to consider: you, your spouse to be, guests, people’s interests, needs, budgets, the distance. Now, while you can’t please everyone, you should still do what works well for what you want to do. Your location is an extension of your day, your personality. It has to be as special for you and your guests as the ceremony itself. Also, if you need some tips for where to go, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t: Rush into the Location

You’ve done it. You’ve considered everything from your budget to your father-in-law’s wheelchair needs. You’ve found the perfect resort with handicap accessibility and a discount for large parties. Time to book it, right? Not quite. You shouldn’t rush into any reservations. What is perfect on paper is not always perfect in practice.  You need to go and visit your location. Photographs are occasionally taken at flattering angles to make spaces seem grander than in actuality. It would be a shame to end the wedding day at the reception bumping into old friends LITERALLY. If you go and see your space you can ensure that it has enough space for everyone to have fun!

Do: Be Creative

You’ve opted for a destination wedding. If you’re being nontraditional, why not run with it? This is a perfect time to make your wedding as unique as you are. Whether you go with some modern color schemes or include some DIY Ideas to everything from guest books to party favors. Everyone loves a pop of personality, and it’ll make that special day all the more memorable.

For Guests –

Do: Be Honest with the Couple

A destination wedding is a big commitment for you to attend (and even bigger for the couple to orchestrate). Be honest with them when they invite you. Can you make it? Let them know! Respond promptly and definitively. You’ll receive notification plenty of time before the wedding, but that doesn’t mean that you have that much time to let them know. Planning a wedding is stressful and they need to know head counts far in advance, especially when taking that ceremony somewhere even more scenic.  Plan early and let them know early. That helps the couple in preparation and gets that task off of your own to-do list. At the wedding, honesty is still appreciated. No, don’t tell the bride that you didn’t like her dress or that the groom’s hair was mussed up. That’s just rude. When talking to them, giving a speech, or wishing well, speak from the heart. They invited you for a reason and they want your honest, caring opinion.

Don’t: Overindulge

You’re at a destination wedding. You may be at a scenic resort with an open bar or on the beach dancing the night away. It is going to feel like a vacation because it is. However, it’s also someone’s special day. It is not good manners to be rowdy and bothering other guests. Keep indulgence to a reasonable level. The day is going to be memorable for good reasons. Let the couple have their fun without going overboard.

For Everyone –

Do: Have Fun!

The stress and planning and waiting all add up to this day. So much has gone into the destination wedding from budgets, to time, to tears, and to hopes. Yet, the couple performs the ceremony and everyone loves it. It’s a very special occasion that becomes a perfect day. So enjoy it. Thank your guests, compliment the couple, and have a blast. Destination weddings are a beautiful experience and should be appreciated, so ditch the worry and make the day even more special.


We at Island Importer love everything that has to do with weddings and nuptials. If there is anything we can do to help your day be any better, feel free to reach out to us!

Ryan Lingenfelser

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