Beach Wedding Attire for Boys

Dad and Son Walking on Beach

It is adorable and sentimental to have small children participate in a wedding. The key to successful participation is remembering the maturity level of the children, and respecting that. The children will love to be involved, as long as they are comfortable and remain excited! They won’t want tight, itchy clothes, and they’ll need to have a lot of practice so they know exactly what to do! Here are some tips for finding beach wedding attire for boys and successfully including them in your wedding:

The Clothes

Many people have a vision of boys in little tuxes, but unfortunately, these outfits can be itchy and stiff. Kids don’t take very kindly to being uncomfortable. There are plenty of comfy, yet classy outfits for kids that match the theme of the big day.

If your wedding is taking place outdoors and is a little more on the casual side, try a linen dress shirt and linen shorts. Linen shirts are light and airy so kids won’t feel too hot or constricted. Island Importer’s boy’s linen shirts are available in 10 stocked colors, or can be custom made to any measurements with 55 different colors choices to match you wedding theme! You can match their shirt to the groomsmen’s shirts, ties, or bridesmaids’ dresses. Top the look off with sandals and the kids are sure to be looking and feeling great all day (hopefully)!

If your wedding is more formal, go for linen pants instead of shorts and add a linen vest or a little bow tie and a pair of suspenders! On a sandy beach or grassy meadow, going with sandals and/or barefoot is apt. Otherwise, swap the sandals for boat shoes and your young participant will be looking sharp!

Boy in Island Impoter Linen Suit father and son in matching island importer Beach Wedding Boys Attire 2

Practice the Ceremony

It is really important when kids are going to play a role in the ceremony that you practice what they are going to do. Go through the entire ceremony so the kids know things like how fast to walk, when to do it, and where to stop. The more you practice leading up to the big event, the more excited your child will be to participate, and the less chance there is of something going wrong.

With these tips, you have a much better chance of success with children at your wedding! For help sizing children or matching their clothing to a specific color, contact Island Importer today!