Trends in Bride and Bridesmaid Fashion for Destination Weddings

bride and bridesmaids fashion

Destination weddings started out as small, intimate events that were meant to make the bride and groom feel like they were eloping. They typically took place on the beach, and jazzed-up summer dresses were the norm. Now, however, people have realized that a destination wedding is a great way to combine all of the good elements of a vacation with a large and highly-planned wedding event. This has led to an explosion of styles and possibilities for both bride and bridesmaid fashion. Here are some of the styles that are being seen at destination weddings right now:


Since many wedding destinations are tropical, it makes sense that baring the shoulders has become very popular. Strapless and sleeveless wedding gowns range from formal to light and breezy. The styles that are most often chosen for destination weddings tend to have flowing elements to give it a more casual feel. The main thing to remember is to wear sunscreen – no one looks glamorous with tomato-red shoulders!

Slight Train

This look calls to mind the flowing trains of traditional formal wedding gowns, but shortens the train to a mere suggestion. Such a style is great for beach weddings, where a long train would be ruined by being dragged across the sand. The shorter train is also lighter and is therefore more likely to glide over the sand without problems. A slight train can make even the simplest of dresses feel like it’s the star of the show!

Adding a Pop of Color

Modernize your wedding by ditching the white and choosing a summery color instead. Colored wedding gowns also go great with the scenery and overall feel at destination weddings. Try pastel colors to brighten things up without being too informal. If you love the idea but want to stay with traditional white, pull some accent colors out of the scenery and match the bridesmaids dresses too it! Island Importer bridesmaid dresses are available in up to 55 different colors. You are sure to find the exact color to make your day special.

With all of these options, it can be hard to decide on a single design and color scheme. It can be helpful to look at other weddings that took place at your desired destination for ideas on dress styles and accent colors. Island Importer beach bridal gowns and bridesmaids dresses are made from, either, 100% silk for a graceful, flowing look, or soft, formfitting jersey, designed to make you look and feel beautiful in any setting. Both are made to order to your exact measurements. Visit us today to shop our full beach wedding collection!