Groom Fashion Tips and Trends


Modernization has come to everything, including weddings. The question of what the groom and groomsmen should wear isn’t nearly as straightforward as it used to be, but there are still some good rules that have held true. Here are some tips to keep in mind when deciding what the groom and groomsmen should wear at your wedding:

The Tux is Still a Thing

Alternative suit styles and colors don’t raise eyebrows like they used to, but many people still prefer a level of formality at their weddings. A black-tie suit or tuxedo is usually fine, but for the ultimate version of “formal”, go for white-tie. White-tie suits include a white bow tie, a white shirt, and a black tailcoat. Whatever you choose, make sure the brides dress and bridesmaids dresses match the same level of formality.

Take It Down a Notch, Try a Linen Suit

It is still possible to have a level of formality in your wedding attire without having the “penguin” look of a black coat and a white shirt. Linen suits for weddings are popular because they offer a look that is different from that of the standard business suit. They are especially great for beach and destination weddings where high formality would be out of place. And they have the added benefits of being cool, comfortable, and breathable – very important factors to consider in warm, tropical settings! A three-piece linen suit is a nice way to distinguish the groom from his groomsmen donning matching linen pants and linen vests (waistcoats). Adding a splash of color to the groom and groomsmen with a bright colored linen shirt can also keep the wedding party looking casual but well put together. Try matching the shirts to the bridesmaid’s dresses for a well-rounded look. That said; don’t be afraid to mix up your color scheme with various complimentary colors. With two-piece suits, linen jackets don’t always have to be the same color as the pants. Picture a light, pastel-colored linen jacket over a white linen shirt and pants at a beach wedding ceremony in the sand! Get creative to make it a fun and lively celebration!

Make Sure to Go For the Tailoring

There’s nothing that destroys the look of a suit like a bad fit, and even the most expensive outfit will fail if it isn’t properly fitted. Island Importer’s custom-made, 100% linen suits are adeptly tailored to fit based on their customers’ precise body measurements. Their custom-order specialists will study the provided measurements, then call and discuss the details with each customer to ensure the accuracy of measurements before cutting.

With these tips, you can ensure that the end result will be literally picture perfect. This is important not just for the day itself, but for all of the times you’ll be looking at your wedding pictures! Shop Island Importer for your grooms and groomsmen outfits today!