Tips for Choosing a Color for Nontraditional Wedding Attire

Anyone who pays attention to Destination Wedding fashion trends notices that colorful outfits are all the rage. If you want to add vibrancy and a splash of life to your beach wedding, why not throw in a pop of color? Here at Island Importer our love of weddings is second only to yours and we’re thrilled to help you with your perfect day. Here are some ideas why you would want to think about skipping the white dress and feature a color as distinct as your personality!

Non-traditional Wedding, Non-traditional Attire!

Think about what attracted you to the idea of your destination wedding. Was it because it turned out to be cheaper than a church service? Or did you want to be one with the beauty of the earth? Or was it the perfect chance to share the dream vacation with that special someone? No matter what your answer, it is probably not traditionally minded. If your wedding does not follow customs, then why should your clothing for it? A huge draw to the beach wedding is that it is a singularly unique experience; one as special and creative as the couple themselves. Let the location set the scene and allow your clothing to show who you are as an individual. There is no need to stick to traditional white attire (unless, of course, that’s who you are, melding two worlds!).

How to Think about Color

Now that you’ve decided to be unfettered by traditional attire, you may be asking what colors work well with a beaded corset dress or a linen shirt. Well, anything, really! This is where the fun part enters. Get creative and start to include scenery and even some significance. Is your destination wedding in a verdant, lush location? Then get some colors to match it! You can go thematically and wear olive to mirror the foliage. Remember that complements are your friends, too! A coral reef or scarlet shirt could counterbalance the landscape and make your party pop. Or are your eyes the endless pools your fiancé never tires of drinking in? Malibu Blue, Pool, and French Blue are all viable color options for you to take advantage of and look your best on that perfect day. Get creative and come up with something wonderful, like you.

Colors for Everyone


For those of you who have decided to wear traditional attire, you can still have fun with color. Just because you’ll be wearing white does not mean your bridal party will be. Bridesmaids’ dresses range from color to color and add that splash of individuality to your ceremony. Don’t forget your ring bearer or flower girl, either! Children love to receive something special and a comfortable outfit specific to them and their favorite color will help them enjoy the day more and bring another smile to your face.

When it comes down to it, color and outfit choice is up to you. We here at Island Importer want your day to be as special, individual, and memorable as you are. We let you choose your outfit and give you all of the options to make sure it is perfect. That is why we offer 47 different color choices for our custom orders. If you would like to order a swatch or have any questions, feel free to contact us. We’re always glad to help!