6 Do’s and Don’ts of Destination Weddings

OCT (3)

  Weddings are beautiful ceremonies and unforgettable days for happy couples. However, they are not without their moments of stress, especially during the weeks/months preceding the nuptials. Taking all those to-dos and flying them to your scenic locale of choice… Continue Reading

Trends in Bride and Bridesmaid Fashion for Destination Weddings

bride and bridesmaids fashion

Destination weddings started out as small, intimate events that were meant to make the bride and groom feel like they were eloping. They typically took place on the beach, and jazzed-up summer dresses were the norm. Now, however, people have… Continue Reading

Why Island Importer For Your Beach Wedding?

Why Island Importer

Island Importer is a designer, manufacturer, and wholesale supplier of men’s and women’s island wear, specializing in all-natural, silk and linen beach wedding attire.  We stock a variety of matching linen shirts, linen pants, linen shorts, linen vests, and linen… Continue Reading