Yoga Clothing For Men

Shop our collection of cotton and rayon yoga clothing for men. Comfortable and loose-fitting, these yoga clothes are well suited for any practice.


    Fisherman yoga pant - unisex - thai-style - black - Island Importer
    Fisherman yoga pant - unisex - thai-style - white - side view - Island Importer

    Fisherman Yoga Pant

    This roomy, unisex, Thai-style yoga pant for men and women is available in black, white, bayleaf, and dark chocolate or custom ordered. Worn by overlapping the excess material, tying the tie, and then folding down the fabric above the waist. A popular style for travelers, yogis and martial artists or anyone with an active lifestyle. Fits up to a 40 inch waist. Inseam measurement is 24 inches. Total pant length is 43 inches. 100% Cotton.
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    Color: Black

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